ZCUT-9 Automatic Tape Dispenser is a full functional tape dispensing machine for industrial packaging applications. It can cut adhesive and non-adhesive tapes which width below 60mm – tapes with any inner diameter is applicable.
Automatic Tape Dispenser
Top View

There are 8 buttons and 1 displayer on the machine, “+” and “-” for adjusting tape length, “Auto/Manu” for switching between automatic model and manual model.

“Select” for selecting preset tape lengths, the machine can save 6 different lengths for different applications.

“↑” button is for moving tape backward and “↓” for forward, the 2 buttons are usually used when load tape.

“Start” button is certainly for starting operation.

The stick for impacting the tape
Tape holder for fixing tapes to prevent tape move.
Soft tape holder
Auxiliary stand
Tape separator, silicon oil are at the bottom of the tape dispenser
Tape separator is used when the tape dispenser loads 2 tape rolls at a time.
The lever for release cutter blade units
The lever for adjusting tape holder, a tweezer is beside
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