Warranty Terms

1)    If the machine is unusable within 15 days from the date of purchase (subject to the date on Warranty Card), in case it is unable to repair or still unusable after repair, the buyer can choose to return or replace, Leisto undertakes all the costs.

2)    Free warranty is valid for one year from the date of purchase, but not including consumables. Leisto undertakes all the maintenance costs (the buyer & Leisto share the shipping cost)

3)    If the machine is damaged during transport, please report to us with photo evidence, Leisto will replace with new or repair according to actual condition; overdue report shall be deemed to be manual damage and lost the qualification of free warranty.


1)    The Warranty Card is the sole proof to enjoy free warranty service, please keep properly to avoid inconvenience.

2)    Leisto rejects to replace or return unless there’re significant problems (means that the machine power system is still normal), if buyer sticks to replace, he/she should undertake all the costs.

3)    Leisto is not responsible for direct loss or indirect loss due to machine breakdown or misuse

4)    Current maintenance marked out in the instruction manual is excluded.

5)    Overload operation is excluded in normal warranty service.

6)    Unauthorized disassembly will lose the qualification of free warranty.

Exceptional Cases

1)    The content on Warranty Card is untrue.

2)    Warranty Card lost or cannot provide.

3)    Machine serial number and Warranty Card serial number is inconsistent.

4)    Damage caused by natural disaster, humidity, abnormal voltage and other irresistible reasons.

5)    Improper use, unauthorized disassembly, warranty label tears up, use non-original parts or repaired by non-professionals.

6)    Physical damage caused by fall off, inflow, transport or clean.

7)    Unauthorized alteration on the Warranty Card or machine label.



  • The warranty is valid only for Leisto’s products, the warranty of those items from other manufacturers will be otherwise stated.
  • The warranty policy is not valid for consumable items