Automatic label dispenser is used to automatically strip the label, when the previous label is removed, it will automatically strip the next label. In addition, it can strip multiple rows of label, efficiently improve the work efficiency.

  • Applicable label: adhesive label, adhesive film, electronic monitoring code, barcode, etc.
  • Applicable products: all the products that require to paste label.
  • Applicable industry: food industry, toys industry, daily chemical industry, electron industry, medical industry, hardware industry, plastic industry, printing industry, etc.

X-100 Automatic Label Dispenser

Features of X-100 Automatic Label Dispenser Automatic label dispenser is for stripping & feeding labels automatically, improve work efficiency up to 200%! Compact machine; Low failure rate, [...]

Automatic Label Rewinder

What Can Automatic Label Rewinder Do? If we print a lot of labels every day, and don’t have a machine to rewind the label, we need a person to do the job or else the label will lie [...]

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