Features of X-100 Automatic Label Dispenserx100 Automatic Label Dispenser

Automatic label dispenser is for stripping & feeding labels automatically, improve work efficiency up to 200%!

  • Compact machine; Low failure rate, convenient to use.
  • Electronic control system, automatic label dispensing.
  • Easy to operate, support several persons to use
  • Change the traditional working method, increase work efficiency
  • Label types: self-adhesive label, bar code,¬†anti-counterfeit label, laser label, packing label, etc
  • Applicable scope: electronic manufacturing, chemical agent, food processing, logistics, etc.

X-130 Product Specifications


Model, X-100

Feeding Speed, 130mm/s

Label width, 5~100mm

Max. Diameter, 250mm

Input voltage, 110/220V AC

Weight, 3.6KG

Dimension, 136*174*280mm

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