Vertical Solder Pot

Pure Titanium Vertical Solder Pot

Vertical Solder Pot Specifications [table] Model, Pot Size (mm), Dimension (mm), Temperature Range, Melt Capacity, Gross Weight, Power MS-3024, 300*240*50, 360*300*680, 0~600℃, 23KG, 19KG, 2500W MS-3525, 350*250*50, 410*310*680, 0~600℃, 31.8KG, 20KG,

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Titanium Solder Pot

Pure Titanium Square Solder Pot

Square Titanium Solder Pot Specifications [table] MODEL, POT SIZE (mm),DIMENSION (mm), TEMPERATURE RANGE, MELT CAPACITY, GROSS WEIGHT, POWER MS-5555, 55*55*45, 266*145*120, 0~600℃, 1.3KG, 2.4KG, 300W MS-8080, 80*80*45, 280*145*120, 0~600℃, 2.1KG,

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Jet-flow Solder Pot

Integrated Jet-flow Solder Pot

Applicable Scope of Jet-flow solder pot PCB dip soldering Solder joint is more smooth than normal solder pot Component De-soldering use the jet-flow solder pot to de-soldering,

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