Automatic screwdriver system is a new generation of screw fastening mechanism, it consists of automatic screw feeder and electric screwdriver, the screw is blowed to the air tube and feed to screwdriver bit.

Here shows 3 types of screw feeder / screwdriver system

  1. AFS-700A: screwdriver with air cylinder, very low screw jam
  2. AFS-10: screwdriver with normal fixture
  3. AFS-M74: screwdriver with normal fixture, large tank

The screwdriver system cost is different according to spare parts’ brand / specification. We will also require the screw datasheet to set up the machine.

AFS-10 Auto Feed Screwdriver

This type of auto feed screwdriver is applied for screws which cap is below Φ5.5mm, screw length 7~18mm; tolerance less than 0.1mm For special screws or very small screws, we need screw samples [...]

Automatic Screwdriver System

Automatic Screw Feeder System The hand-held automatic screw feeder system consists of automatic screw feeder + electric screwdriver to be a perfect machine that can feed and fasten screws at a [...]