• Vacuum screwdriver is modified by normal screwdriver, by adding the vacuum nozzle. The main purpose is sucking the non-magnetic screws, such as plastic screws / aluminum-made screws / stainless steel screws and any other screws that does not contain magnetic.
  • Any type and specification of screws can be sucked, the vacuum nozzle is made according to screw size.
  • Use with screw feeder to improve the work efficiency.
  • Comes with screw guide, vacuum air tube set.
  • Most of screwdrivers can be added vacuum nozzle
  • Vacuum generator is a noisy, we can help to make silencer box if necessary.
  • Automatic screw feeder options: https://www.leisto.com/automatic-screw-feeder/nsri/
Vacuum Air-suction Screwdriver kit for non-magnetic screws 1
Vacuum Screwdriver Kit
screw pick up guide
Scrwe Pick-up Guide
Vacuum nozzle
Vacuum nozzle
Demo Video: Vacuum Screwdriver for non-magnetic screws
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