LEISTO is a leading manufacturer of  high-level soldering tips. Compare with other suppliers, our products have following differences

  1. Very good heat conductivity
  2. Every tip’s size is same
  3. Every batch quality is same

We are doing what we promised.

T12 Soldering Tip

T12 soldering tips are used with FX-951/FX-950/FX-952/FM-203/FM-204/FM-206 Soldering Station, compatible with FX-9501, FM-2028 & FM-2027 soldering iron. * T12 series soldering iron tips are [...]

900M Soldering Tips

* The shape of Nipple changes by soldering irons.* Compatible with lead-free solder. 900M soldering tips order options: LEISTO is one of the soldering tip manufacturer in China, we have 10+ years [...]