Soldering Robot Tips

————————– Leisto Replacement tips Equivalent to Quick 910, 911, 911G Series

  1. High thermal capacity soldering robot tips, black chromium plating, super long usage life
  2. Various types to choose, the tips can be custom made according to actual working applications.

Replacement Soldering Robot Tips P/Ns


Quick Soldering Robot Tip PC type
*** – 10PCø1.00.5
*** – 13PCø1.30.65
*** – 16PCø1.60.8
*** – 20PCø2.01
*** – 24PCø2.41.2
*** – 30PCø3.01.5
*** – 40PCø4.02


 Quick Soldering Robot Tip D type
*** – 16Dø1.60.61.5
*** – 20Dø2.00.81.5
*** – 24Dø2.40.81.5
*** – 30Dø3.012
*** – 40Dø4.01.22.5


 Quick Soldering Robot Tip DV1 type ABCD
*** – 16DV1ø1.610.61.5
*** – 20DV1ø2.
*** – 24DV1ø2.
*** – 30DV1ø3.01.612
*** – 40DV1ø4.021.22.5


 Quick Soldering Robot Tip DV2 type ABCD
*** – 16DV2ø1.610.61.5
*** – 20DV2ø2.
*** – 24DV2ø2.
*** – 30DV2ø3.02.212
*** – 40DV2ø4.031.22.5


 Quick Soldering Robot Tip N type ABCH
*** – 22N08H182.
*** – 28N08H152.
*** – 30N10H203.0142
*** – 32N12H233.21.242.3
*** – 32N12H283.21.242.8

Soldering Robot Tips Model Details

910 Series

910-10PC 910-13PC 910-16PC 910-20PC 910-24PC 910-30PC 910-40PC

910-16D 910-20D 910-24D 910-30D 910-40D

910-16DV1 910-20DV1 910-24DV1 910-30DV1 910-40DV1

910-16DV2 910-20DV2 910-24DV2 910-30DV2 910-40DV2

911 Series

911-10PC 911-13PC 911-16PC 911-20PC 911-24PC 911-30PC 911-40PC

911-16D 911-20D 911-24D 911-30D 911-40D

911-16DV1 911-20DV1 911-24DV1 911-30DV1 911-40DV1

911-16DV2 911-20DV2 911-24DV2 911-30DV2 911-40DV2

911G Series

911G-10PC 911G-13PC 911G-16PC 911G-20PC 911G-24PC 911G-30PC 911G-40PC

911G-16D 911G-20D 911G-24D 911G-30D 911G-40D

911G-16DV1 911G-20DV1 911G-24DV1 911G-30DV1 911G-40DV1

911G-16DV2 911G-20DV2 911G-24DV2 911G-30DV2 911G-40DV2

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    Hi, I need 10 of this 911G-24DVI-04 replacement tip. If you can please send me a quote to the email, please add lead time and shipping costs. where are you located?

  • Kumaresan mohan

    Hi, What is the material of 911G solder bit. i mean what is the material used in this

    • Leisto

      all soldering tips are made with copper.

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