Soldering Robot

Soldering Robot

Cost-effective soldering robot in 150W / 200W, easy to operate.

Screw Fastening Robot

Screw Fastening Robot

2 options for screw fastening robot: built with self-feeding screwdriver or traditional screw feeder + screwdriver

Screwdriver System

Auto Feed Electric screwdriver

Screwdriver system is 2 in 1 screwdriver, combines screw feeder + screwdriver in one system. It increases screw fastening speed in 2-3 times than traditional type.

Soldering Station

F3200 Self feeding Soldering Station

Smoke Absorber

Single Port Fume Extractor

Solder Pot

Titanium Solder Pot

High Quality Soldering Robot Tips

Leisto is dedicated to produce high quality replacement soldering tips for robots and irons, the tips can be replaced with original without calibration, and the cost is only 20~30% than Japan made tips. We accept custom made at normal price.

For soldering iron tips, we provide several quality levels to meet different requirements. Most of replacement tips can be sourced here.

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Electric Tools

Small automatic tools to help you increase work efficiency.

Spare Parts

What’s the difference between ZCUT-2, ZCUT-870 and RT3000?

ZCUT-2, ZCUT-870 and RT3000 are all carousel tape dispensers, ZCUT-2 was released over 10 years and the other 2 were in recent years. As the appearance and functionsare very similar, the buyers [...]

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