automatic tape dispenser

Automatic Tape Dispenser

Dozens of models to fit different kinds of tapes, suitable for adhesive tape, non-adhesive tape, foil tape, protective film, hook tape, etc.

Tape width from 3mm~200mm.

Selection Suggestion: tape type, width, cut length.

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Automatic Screw Feeder

The screw feeders can replace manual screw pick up. It’s good for small screws from M1.0~M5.0, length <20mm.

We provide various options, please select the right one according to screw size and requirement.

Auto-feed Screwdriver System

Self-feeding Electric Screwdriver

Screwdriver system is 2 in 1 screwdriver, combines screw feeder + screwdriver in one system. It increases screw fastening speed in 2-3 times than traditional type.

self-feeding screwdriver set

Other Products

We deal with several kinds of industrial tools / equipments, get a glance at the other product categories.

Solder Pot
Solder Pot

There’re 4 types and almost 30 models to choose, accept custom made & OEM.

Automatic Label Dispenser
Automatic Label Dispenser

Suitable for label size 5~200mm, support transparent, square, round and shaped labels.

Smoke Absorber
Smoke Absorber

Offer small size smoke absorber and fume purifier.

Soldering station
Soldering Station

Self-feeding soldering station, ceramic soldering station, high frequency soldering staiton.

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Soldering Robot

Cost-effective soldering robot in 150W / 200W, easy to operate.

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Screw Fastening Robot

2 options for screw fastening robot: built with self-feeding screwdriver or traditional screw feeder + screwdriver