Japan Unix P1V12-23 solder tip
Meiko TEC Robotic Soldering Tip
Tsutsumi Soldering Tip
Quick soldering robot tip

Soldering Robot Tips

Replacement soldering tips / cartridges for leading brands of soldering robots – Apollo Seiko, Japan Unix, Tsutsumi, Leather-α, Quick, etc.

  • Pure copper as the base, with our advanced plating technology, the usage life is longer than any of other suppliers’
  • Low temperature difference
  • Accurate positioning pin
  • Smooth solder wetting performance
  • Great thermal conductivity
  • Short temperature recovery time
  • Minimize the rate of faulty soldering joints
  • Compatible brands: Apollo Seiko, Japan Unix, Quick (Qualitek), Tsutsumi, Meiko
  • Customizable

Soldering Iron Tips

For all branded soldering stations & soldering irons.

  • Compatible with almost all the branded soldering irons
  • 1:1 accurate size of original soldering tip
  • Available for custom made size
  • Free samples for testing before order
  • Quality guarantee
  • Available for HAKKO, Weller, Ersa, Goot, Oki (Metcal), Quick, JBC

Soldering irons brands

375B+ Auto Feed Soldering Station

Soldering Stations

We provide various of analog type and digital type temperature controlled or high frequency soldering station. Our products advantages:

  • Abundant types for choice
  • Easy to find replacement tips
  • Low cost
  • Offer customization service for volume orders

Automatic Tape Dispenser

Superexcellent tape dispensing machine, improves work efficiency in times.

  • Available from basic type to high-end type
  • Compatible with adhesive tape and non-adhesive tape
  • Dozens of models for different working applications
  • 1 year warranty
  • All replacement parts are available
  • Free product consulation
ZCUT-9 Automatic Tape Dispenser
AL080D automatic label dispenser

Automatic Label Dispenser & Automatic Label Rewinder

Automatically dispensing labels, bar code, etc.; improves the work efficiency of taking labels.

  • Smooth dispensing, convenient for taking labels
  • Speed adjustable to suit different size of labels
  • Compatible with adhesive sticker label, sticker film, bar code, PIATS, etc.
  • Suitable to all products that require to paste label or film
  • Widely used in various industries

Automatic Screw Feeder

The best screw feeding solution for PCB assembly, improves work efficiency by 6 times than traditional production mode.

  • Easy to operate, no need professional & long time training.
  • Pour out the screws to the tank and then take the them on the rail easily.
  • Widely used in industries such as electronics, car, television, air conditioner, PCBA, etc.
  • Screw size: M1.0 ~ M5.0, max. length: 20 mm
Automatic screw feeder with counter