News about Automatic Tape Dispenser

PDF Catalog: Automatic Tape Dispenser

New Updated: AT-120

Discontinued: AT-80, alternative model GSC-80

Applicable For Cutting Liner Tape: RT5000, ZCUT-9 (should be used with external holder)

Powerful Tape Holders

Economical Automatic Tape Dispensers

Auto feed & cut for industrial applications. Light duty, cost-effective and easy to use!

Premium Automatic Tape Dispensers

The automatic tape dispensers with 2 detecting sensors that can cut 2 tape rolls at a time.

Programmable Automatic Tape Dispensers

The electric tape cutting machines which can be programmed and cut different tape segments circularly and repeatedly.

They also support to cut 2 rolls of tapes at a time.

Electric Carousel Tape Dispensers

The carousel tape dispensers are best for cutting narrow adhesive tapes, ideal for use with more than one person.

Heavy Duty Automatic Tape Dispensers

The heavy duty tape dispensers for extra wide tapes or protective film, good for long time working.

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