Outsource Soldering Tips to Leisto if you are –

soldering tip structure

  • Manufacturer of soldering iron, soldering station or soldering robot, and you want to sell replacement tips to end user at competitive price than your competitors;
  • End user, want to custom made the tips to meet your special application;
  • Distributor, want to supply customers better quality products

Our Capability

Rich experience

Leisto was founded in year 2007 and started to do international business in 2010. We produce soldering iron tips for HAKKO, Weller, Ersa and Quick.

In second half year of 2014, we established a new soldering tip factory and hired the senior engineer who has been working in the world’s top soldering tip factory for more than 10 years. The new factory is dedicated to produce high level tips for soldering robots and custom made tips.

Guaranteed Quality

The tips are made with Japanese manufacturing technique (electroplate with undercurrent & long time), time on electroplating is 24 / 48 / 72 hours depending on different types of soldering tips. Thus the plating layer is tight and proportional, the usage life is same as other Japan made soldering tips.

Leisto soldering tip has very good temperature recovery ability, good solderability and long life.

Soldering Tip Structure & Production Process

We use 99.99% purity oxygen-free copper as the production material, with unique iron electroplating, thus ensure the best plating layer thickness to accomplish superb quality and long life.

The nickel and black chrome plating layer is for anti-oxidation and anti-corrosion. Black chrome plating has better anti-corrosion property than traditional chrome plating.

We can also electroplate nickel layer in the inner core to avoid heater stick with the tip.

Soldering tip production

Copper to finished product

Shapes of Soldering Tips

Soldering Tip selections

How to Buy

1. Purchasing Process

  1. Confirming Requirements: Send your detailed requirement to info(@)leisto.com, our sales representative will reply you in the shortest time to work on this project.
  2. Quotation (1~2 days): we will quote within 2 days, the price is subject to the complexity and order quantity
  3. Signing Contract (1 day): sign the contract to confirm the responsibilities and obligations of each other
  4. Production (10~20 working days)
  5. Delivery

2. About Lead Time & Low MOQ

The lead time is from 2 to 4 weeks, while other suppliers’ time is 4~6 months, sometimes up to 8 weeks.

MOQ: 10 pcs

3. Payment Term

First order: 100% payment in advance; further orders: payment before delivery

Acceptable payment method: PayPal, Wire Transfer or Western Union

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