self-feeding screwdriver

Increase x3 work efficiency

Free up one hand

Auto feed screw when previous screw is fastened.

Fit for M1.4 to M8.0 screws

Easy to use:

a. screw feeder feeds the screw to the bits through tube

b. fasten the screw by electric or pneumatic screwdriver

In comparision with normal screwdriver, it can free up one hand to hold the product.

Advantages of self-feeding screwdriver

  • Convenience
    It can free up one hand to hold product to screwing, for most of products it can uses without fixture.
  • Fast
    It saves the time to pick up the screw, while one screw is fastened the second one can be done immediately.
  • Clean
    The screw is feed directly from screw feeder, there’s no secondary pollution by hand or sweat compare to normal pick up.
  • Easy to operate, no need to train.
  • Screw clamp, pneumatic tube, components are all made according to screw type/spec, the machine performance is stable and will not cause screw jam.
  • It is easy to install and can be used widely. Screw fastening direction can be vertical, horizontal and from bottom.


Capacity3000 pcs (M3 screw), larger feeder is available.
Feed Speed0.5 s/piece
Fastening Speed50-70 pcs/m (depends on screw length)
Feeder Tube distance1-4 meter
Screw typeflat head, round head, cap head, washer screw
Screw sizeM1.4-M8.0, sample is required
Voltage220V or 110V
Air pressure2-3KGF/C㎡
Noise< 65dB
Screwfeeder size
Screw Feeder Size

Screw material: should be magnetic material, for non-magnetic screws, please refer to Vacuum Screwdriver. (the non-magnetic screws can only be used while the screw hole is flat).

The auto-feed screwdriver set can be installed on a robot, below is the mounting bracket for robots.

Self-feeding Screwdriver Set 1
Self-feeding Screwdriver Set 2
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