This type of auto feed screwdriver is applied for screws which cap is below Φ5.5mm, screw length 7~18mm; tolerance less than 0.1mmAFS10 Auto Feed Screwdriver

For special screws or very small screws, we need screw samples to calibrate machine and test the performance.

Features of Auto Feed Screwdriver

  • Max. screw fastening speed is 0.8s/piece, manual fastening speed is at least 2s/piece
  • Kilews Screwdriver, rotate speed 2000
  • New generation auger-type screw feeding type, reduce screw jam rate
  • Main component is made with 304 stainless steel, increase product’s lifetime
  • Accompany with LCD display, controlled by PLC, accomplish digital management
  • The latest portable design, screw issues can be solved in 10s (theory time)
  • Micro PC counter, prevent to loss screw fastening
  • Float screw detect function to prevent screw loose

Auto feed Screwdriver Structure



Model, AFS-10

Self-feeding Screwdriver Structures

Voltage, AC220V/50Hz (110V customizable)

Power, 35W

Air Pressure, 2~6kg/cm²

Screw Length, Screw length is 2 times more than nut’s size

Screw Feeding Control

Main Program, PLC control

Human-computer interface, Digital display

Mode, Manual & Auto

Screwdriver, Kilews brand (can change to others as per requirement)

Applied Scope

Product Size, customized

Horizontal Adjustment Range, ±30mm

Vertical Adjustment Range, ±15mm

Screw fastening depth, 20mm (customizable if need deeper)

Minimum screw hole distance, 10mm


Machine Parameters


Power, 35W,Voltage, 220V

Auto Filtering, YES, Auto Feeding, YES

Applied Scre, M1.2~M5, Fasten Speed, 40~70pcs/s

Screw Length, 20mm, Tank Capacity, 200~4000pcs

Auto Feed Screwdriver Configuration List

  1. Case Shell, 1x
  2. Power cable, 1x
  3. Inlet pipe, 1x
  4. Feed tube, 1x
  5. Screwdriver connection cable, 1x
  6. Instruction manual, 1x
  7. Screwdriver, 1x
  8. Screw divider, 1x
  9. Screw feeder, 1x
  10. Clamp, 1x
  11. Displayer, 1x
  12. Phillips screwdriver bit, 1x
  13. Balancer, 1x
  14. Magnetic bar, 1x
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  • Rattan Singh

    Automatic screw feeder required for LED bulb assembly

    • Leisto

      Got it! We’ll reply you by email.

  • Dayan Santos

    I would like to receive a quote for this product. Auto feed Screwdriver

  • Ross Durran


    Can I get a quotation for your AFS-700A machine please?

    Also can you mount the screwdriver in a fixed mount to deliver screws to a set position below ?

    The movement of the screw driver down to the correct position would need to be driven by an air cylinder.

    Also can you run x2 screwdrivers off one feeder ?

    Ross Durran
    Managing Director

    • Leisto

      Hello Ross,
      Yes can mount as per your wish, what is your idea?
      The screw feeder can drives up to 4 screwdrivers, the screws should be fed at a time or in order.
      Any more questions please send in email.

  • Phil Horner

    Do you have a torque head and what is the price for a feeder for 4-40 torq screw.

    • Leisto

      price starts from $1400, it depends on the structure and configuration.
      please send your case to, our sales repr. will follow up.

  • Pavan Prabhu

    I would like to get quote for the same.

  • ron

    Good day.

    Can i get quotation for your AFS-10 and AFS-700A, and also can i ask what model suitable for our screw.
    Type of screw is special screw with washer and the size is 3mm X 6mm.

  • John Newton

    Good morning. I would love to get some information on the AFS-10 and the AFS-700A Systems

  • John Newton

    Need a quote for Both as well….

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