• Using the automatic label dispenser to strip the labels can make the label clean, pollution-free, and free from damage, no wrinkle.
  • Change the traditional way of working and reduce the adverse effects of human factors. Electronic control, automatic induction operation, quick separation of stickers, improve the paste effect and reduce the difficulty of work.
  • Simple operation and light appearance.
  • Fully automatic stripping, automatic feed the second piece when the label is taken away.
  • Dispense length can set freely, max. 10cm
  • One machine can be used by multiple people.
  • Suitable for self-adhesive labels, barcodes, anti-counterfeiting, laser, bronzing stickers, paper, packaging labels, insulating pads, toy stickers, raw materials, production date, quick separation and pasting of printed patterns.
Label Width5-120/150/180/200/250/320 mm
Label Length5-150 mm
Feed Length10 cm
Outer DiameterMax. 200 mm
Core DiameterMin. 20 mm
Dimension260*290*260 mm, 6KG
FTR-118C Automatic Label Dispenser 3
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  • Alexander Roytburd

    Can you provide price for FTR-118C automatic label dispenser with photoelectric sensor?

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