Quicher NSB Series Electric Automatic Screw Feeder

For manual operation

NSB Screw Dispenser

Quicher NSB Series screw dispenser is compact and space saving. Rail replaceable for feeding M1.0~M3.0 screws.

With installation of Nejikura, the large stock of screws can be loaded. It is equipped with an overload backstop protection circuit.

Part Number Screw Diameter (mm) Screw Length (mm) Rail
NSB-10 / NSB1.0 1.0 1.6~10 SR10
NSB-12 / NSB1.2 1.2 1.8~10 SR12
NSB-14 / NSB1.4 1.4 2.0~10 SR14
NSB-17 / NSB1.7 1.7 2.3~10 SR17
NSB-20 / NSB2.0 2.0 2.6~20 SR20
NSB-23 / NSB2.3 2.3 2.9~20 SR23
NSB-26 / NSB2.6 2.6 3.2~20 SR26
NSB-30 / NSB3.0 3.0 3.6~20 SR30

Dimensions: 123W*181D*145H (mm), Power AC110/50Hz or AC220V/60Hz

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  • Paul Liew

    I am looking for 2 sets of NSB2.0. Please provide me your quote.

    Ship to Penang, Malaysia

    rgds..Paul Liew
    Everlight Series S/B
    No 45, Gerbang Sungai Ara 2,
    11900, Sungai Ara, Penang
    Tel : 6012 4733123

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