F3200 Self feeding Soldering Station

New Generation Self-feeder Soldering Station, ESD Safe

Made of ESD safe material.

Model: F3200

Self-feeder Soldering Station Features

  • Feeding solder automatically with foot pedal
  • Soldering feeding & recycle adjustable
  • Made with superior gear motor and metal solder feeding gear, ensure stable solder feeding quantity & speed.
  • Set the temheprature by knob
  • Standard 60W version, high power is optional

Control Unit Specification

Input Voltage 220V (110V can be customized)
Power Consumption ≤100W
Output Voltage AC24V
Temperature Range 200~480°C
Control Type constant temperature
Size 150*112*60 mm

Soldering Iron Specification

Static-free? Yes
Power 60W or 70W
Replacement Iron Tips 900M series or 900L series
Grounding Resistant ≤2Ω
Length w/o cable 150mm

Applied Scope

Soldering station applied scope

Soldering station applied scope

Configuration List

Soldering Station Parts

  • Control Unit *1
  • Universal adjustment stand *1
  • Soldering iron (with 900M-T-B) *1
  • Feeder Tube *1
  • Foot Pedal *1
  • Solder wire stand *1
  • Power cable *1 (can be replaced to European standard or US standard plug)
  • Manual *1

∇ Soldering Feed Gear

Solder Feeding Gear

∇ Black Panel

Back Panel

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