3-axis Soldering Robot Model 336-WD150W (former T3300S)

Affordable, Customizable

Description4 axis Soldering Robot

  1. Mature 4 axis mechanical motion desktop, repeat positioning accuracy can reach ±0.02mm. Compact cantilever type structure, easy operated handheld teaching pendant controller
  2. Accurate solder quantity management and temperature management
    Precise solder feed system makes the soldering joint to be constant, and can save a mass of solder; the stable temperature control system can eliminate worries of bad soldering quality.
  3. Humanized teaching pendant can complete program settings easily
    The handheld teaching pendant can complete any soldering program easily, and it is able to complete various soldering programs’ settings such as copy, modification, etc.
    Suitable for various soldering applications.
    Almost all components that can be soldered by hand that can be soldered by the robot, e.g.: normal PCB soldering, car electronic components, other electronics products, etc.
  4. Able to add auto solder flux system.


Model 336-WD150W (former T3300S)
Working Range  X/Y/Z /U(mm)(°) 300/ 300/ 60
Max. Load   Y-AXIS 10 KG
Motion Speed: X&Y&Z/U (mm/sec)(°/sec) 1~800 /350
Resolution 0.02mm/Axis
Repetitive Positioning Accuracy +/- 0.02 mm/ Axis
Program Capacity 128M Memory / 9900 sets
Motor System Japan SAMSR micro stepping motor
Driving Method Japan SAMSR synchronous belt / Taiwan HIWIN rail
Interpolation Function Random 2-3 axis linear interpolation; random 2 axis circular interpolation
Programming Method Handheld teaching pendant (Motion Control Card)
External Control Interface RS232&USB
Power Supply 220V  350W
Working Temperature 5 – 40 °C
Working Ambient Humidity 20 – 90% no condensation
Dimensions (W×D×H mm) 500 x560 x 871
Robot Weight (kg) 42 KG

How to buy?

  1. Pre-sales consultation, communicate details of soldering works
  2. Send Sample board to Leisto
  3. Make proposal, select machine and provide demo video. Once accept then sign contract to close the deal.
  4. Test & deliver the machine
  5. The operators get study to use the machine. We provide instruction manual & online training.
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  • Abdul Naeem

    I am Abdul Naeem i m working in automobile batter manufaturing company i need automatin soldering machine for lead wire soldering of motor bike battery

    • Leisto

      Please email us for RFQ / pre-sales consultation, thanks.

  • Dmitriy

    Hi. I want to buy this item – 3-axis Soldering Robot Model 336-WD150W (former T3300S)
    1) how much will it cost?
    2) is it available in the warehouse?
    3) when can you make the shipment after payment?
    4) can I pay by card or better to a Bank account?

  • mike debat

    I would like a price for a soldering robot model 336-WD 150W. Mike

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