Soldering Robot Model: 3310-LUNA100W (former TC-300 LUNA)Luna TC-300 Soldering Robot

This soldering robot uses original Apollo Seiko temperature controller, solder unit and control system; assembles on the self-owned desktop to be a complete soldering machine. It saves cost and keep same performance in the meanwhile.

Fast heat up to 300 °C in 6 seconds, cartridge type soldering tip makes tip replacement fast and keep same position.

Apollo Seiko soldering tip has patent heating technology, the thermal couple is embedded in the tip and is very sensitive to the temperature, the temperature control system will detect temperature difference and compensate quickly.

The temperature control is more accurate than normal soldering tip, preset temperature & real temperature is almost the same.

TC-300 Configuration List

  • Leisto 4 axis rack
  • Japan Samsr Motor
  • Japan Samsr Driver
  • Taiwan Hiwin Rail
  • Leisto Motion Controller
  • Apollo Seiko Temperature Controller
  • Apollo Seiko Soldering Unit
  • Leisto Soldering Tip
  • Apollo Seiko Solder Feeder
  • Apollo Seiko Tip Cleaner

Soldering Robot Specification

tc300 Soldering Robot Structure


Model, 3310-LUNA100W (former TC-300 LUNA)

X/Y Axis Motion Range, 300*300 mm (Customizable)

Z/R Axis Motion Range, Z=100mm R=360°(Customizable)

X/Y axis PTP (point to point) speed, 8~800 mm/sec

Z axis PTP (point to point) speed, 3.2~320 mm/sec

R axis PTP (point to point) speed, 8~800° / sec

XYZ CP (continuous path) speed, 0.1~800 mm/sec

Soldering parameters sets, 32 sets (machine) + 7 (LUNA)

Max. Set Temperature, 500°C

Ambient Temperature to 300°C, 6 seconds

Voltage, AC85~AC264V

Solder Feed Motor, Stepping Motor

Solder Wire, 0.4 ~ 1.6mm

Soldering Iron Power, 100W

Soldering Iron upper & lower cylinder route, 10mm


How to buy?

  1. Pre-sales consultation, communicate details of soldering works
  2. Send Sample board to Leisto
  3. Make proposal, select machine and provide demo video. Once accept then sign contract to close the deal.
  4. Test & deliver the machine
  5. The operators get study to use the machine. We provide instruction manual & online training.
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