Soldering Robot Features

This 4 axis soldering robot comes with large screen touch panel teaching pendant, high power temperature controller and solder feeder.

With the mutual mechanical movement desktop, repeat positioning accuracy can be ±0.02mm.

The accurate solder feeding system can let you save lots of solder wire, the stable temperature controller can let you eliminate the worries about bad soldering quality.

Touch screen teaching pendant is easy to use and learn, the operators can easily finish every soldering programs easily, programs copy or modification.

Soldering Robot

Optionals configuration for premium usage:

  1. Safety light curtains
  2. Protective shield
  3. CCD soldering joint monitor
  4. CCD soldering quality detection
  5. Solder flux auto feeder
  6. Solder jam / lack alarm

This soldering robot can be used for almost all of the manual soldering components, such as normal PCB soldering, automobile components, other electronic industries, etc.

Soldering Robot Specifications


Model, 4410-QK200W, 3310-QK200W, 2210-QK200W, 1110-QK200W

X-axis working area, 400, 300, 200, 100

Y-axis working area, 400, 300, 200, 100

Z-axis working area, 100, 100, 100, 100

R-axis working area, 360º,360º,360º,360º

X-axis movement speed, 0.1~500, 0.1~200, 0.1~200, 0.1~200

Y-axis movement speed, 0.1~500, 0.1~800, 0.1~800, 0.1~200

Z-axis movement speed, 0.1~500, 0.1~300, 0.1~300, 0.1~300

Dimension, 780*730*630, 680*805*605, 520*620*555, 325*325*400

[table] Power suply, “100~240V AC”

Heating element power, “200W”

Temperature Range, “200ºC~500ºC”

Motor driven axis, “3 axis”

Repeat positioning accuracy, “±0.02 mm”

Teaching Pendant file capacity, “maximum 999 files, each file max. 60,000 points.”

Process file capacity, “max. 255 files”

Solder wire diameter, ” 0.3, 0.5, 0.6, 0.8, 1.0, 1.2 “


Other Optionals

  1. Upgrade the servo motor + screw rod to have better performance (running more stable)
  2. Can custom made dual platform or other size working area
  3. Can make dual soldering iron according to the case
Soldering Robot Temperature Controller
Soldering Robot Temperature Controller

Powerful temperature controller, can save 3 sets of temperature data, alarm when temperature is abnormal, PLC extension (use PLC controller to remote control)

Solder Feeder
Solder Feeder

Solder feeder can feed solder wire in accurate length, it fits for diameter ø0.3~ø1.6mm; with solder jam and solder lack sensor.

Soldering Unit
Soldering Unit

Simple structure soldering unit, no need too much skill to use it.

Multiple Slide soldering

SCARA soldering robot

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