100AH-200S-79L Unix Heating Element

Unix heating element

CROSS HEATER/High quality heater for Soldering Robot

  • Built-in detents positioning cross projection inside heaters(male side)
  • Heaters dedicated to automatic soldering with calculated tip thermal conductance,thermal capacities and thermal efficiencies.
  • Built-in thermocouple(CA sensor)
  • Available with three heater sizes,ranging from 100W to 300W.
    70AH-100S-79L: 100W
    100AH-200S-79L: 200W (standard)
    130AH-300S-79L: 300W
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  • Fabian Gonzalez

    need a quote on the item below

    100AH-200S-79L: 200W (standard)

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