Jet-flow Solder PotSolder Pot Structure

Applicable Scope of Jet-flow solder pot

  • PCB dip soldering
    Solder joint is more smooth than normal solder pot
  • Component De-soldering
    use the jet-flow solder pot to de-soldering,
  • Partial selective soldering
    customize different spray nozzle according to different applications
  • For automation equipment
    Can be customized to integrated to automation equipment



Model, Rated Power, Temperature Range, Nozzle (customizable), Pot Size, Capacity

MS-375, 2000W, up to 600℃, 60*60 mm, 250*160*110 mm, 32 KG


Advantages of MS-375 Solder Pot

  1. High-power energy saving infrared heater, solder melted fast, long life
  2. Frequency control motor, stable wave peak, smooth solder surface of spray nozzle, remove oxidation layer
  3. Controlled by PID microcomputer core, dual digital display, high temperature precision.
  4. Made of 304 stainless steel, can be working under 400℃ of long-term basis
  5. Bonus 1 week time management device, can set the time of turn on & turn off in 1 week, repeat by every week, turn on in advance to pre-heating, save the time before working.
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