Features of 988 Digital Soldering Iron

1. Small size, 2 keys for temperature adjustment, powerful function

2. Fast heating speed, heating to 350ºC only take 8 seconds

3. High quality heating element, thermocouple detects temperature very sensitive

4. 2 temperature modes, Celsius degree & Fahrenheit degree

5. Auto temperature compensation, tolerance less than ±5ºC

6. Temperature memory function (temperature revert to last time setting)

7. LCD display temperature

8. ESD safe soldering iron and heat-resistant

 Soldering Iron Specifications

Model, 988

Heating Speed, Reach to 350ºC in 8 seconds

Voltage, 220V/50Hz~~110V/60Hz

Power, 90W

Replacement Soldering Tip, 900M Series Tips

Heating Element, Ceramic heater~~A1324 (220V 60W) / A1314 (110V 60W)

Cable,  Heat-resistant cable

Temperature Range, 100~480ºC

Compensation Temperature, ±50ºC

Dimension, 23*265mm

Packing, 55*55*275mm~~0.25KG/piece~~80pcs/carton


Digital Soldering Iron
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