Lead Free Auto Feed Soldering GunAuto Feed Soldering Gun

Mfr. Number: LEISTO ASG-80

This soldering gun integrate the solder feeder and soldering iron together, designed for lead free soldering. It consists of temperature controller, solder feeding device, heating element, soldering gun, base and pedal.

How to Use Auto Feed Soldering Gun

The operator steps the pedal, the feeding device will automatically & quantificationally feed the solder to the iron tip (the solder quantity is set by the right knob), then the soldering tip will melt the solder and the soldering job starts.

As the solder feed and melt is completed by the machine, no need to be operated manually, the working efficiency can be greatly increased.


  • High power heating element, temperature increases fast. Reaches set temp. in short time.
  • High sensitive of temperature change, strong temperature recovery ability
  • Easy to operate
  • Set the solder feed quantity as needed
  • Temperature adjustable from 200℃ to 550℃


  • Power: 80W
  • Temperature: 550℃
  • Crater diameter: 0.6~1.6mm
  • Weight: 2.9KG

Auto feed soldering gun

Auto solder feeding soldering gun, front view.

  • Left: temperature controller
  • Right: solder quantity controller

Self solder feeding soldering gun


Auto-feed soldering gun, Rear View

auto feed soldering gun

Auto feed soldering gun, lateral view

auto feed soldering gun

Use the auto solder feeding soldering gun.



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