60W soldering gun, automatic feed solder wire

Soldering Gun Features:

  • The soldering gun is light and handy designed, makes work more comfortable
  • Adopts superior heating element, longer life
  • Easy to replace soldering tip and heating element
  • Easy to use and finish soldering job

60W Soldering Gun Specifications:

  • Power: 60W
  • Compatible solder wire: 0.7mm-2.3mm


  1. Preheat for some minutes until the soldering gun achieve a certain temperature. It is normal phenomenon f the gun is smoking, the smoke will disappear after seconds
  2. Insert solder wire to the input hole and press the trigger until the solder wire feeds to the mouth of tin pipe.
  3. Start to use as normal
  4. Take away the solder wire when the soldering gun stops working
  5. Push the trigger upward to take away or replace the solder wire
  6. Replace the heating element:
    Demount the protection cover, disassemble heating element cable, and then take away the soldering tip. After then can replace the heating element

Caution of using 60W soldering gun

  • DO NOT touch the soldering tip or soldering iron when the soldering gun is working
  • Put the gun on the holder when it is not using
  • After work finished, shutdown power until it is completely cool down and then storage.
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  • Cristiano zambon

    We would like to buy one or two 60W soldering guns, how can we do it? where can we buy them?
    thank you

    • Leisto

      Please contact our sales department “info@leisto.com”.

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