Solder Sucker

Manual desoldering sucker, strong suction.

Usage: melt the solder w/ soldering iron or hot air gun, put the solder suck in 45° angle and then press the piston.

The solder sucker nozzle can be closed to the soldering iron, no worries about melt, the nozzle is made of heat-resistant material.


Model, GS-20, GS-100, GS-104, GS-108

Color, Blue, Ivoly, ivoly, ivoly

Length (mm), 155, 330, 275, 190

When Stored, -, 240, 205, –

Weight (g), 25, 89, 65, 25

Diameter (mm), ø12, ø23, ø19, ø14

Applicable Nozzle, GS-20N, GS-100N, GS-100N, GS-108N

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  • Sonny Dominia

    Please quote GS 20 and GS 100 solder sucker

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