Get the best out of soldering robots – use the customized soldering robot tips to fit different work applications.

Choose a qualified manufacturer to cooperate, bad quality soldering tips will damage the soldering robots (it is real, I bet you).

Why we are the best choice?

  1. We are specializing on manufacturing soldering robot tips, the quality is reliable.
  2. The lead time is short. We stock a lot of frequently used tips, usually the lead time is within 3 days, not exceed 2 weeks.
  3. Every piece of iron tips will be tested with a professional machine.

The common quality issues are usage life, short circuit, bad contact and temperature difference. Our products have much better performance than our competitors:

  • Usage life reaches 80%~95% than Apollo original
  • We control the quality strictly to make sure every piece of the soldering tip is good.
  • We use the best heating element to reduce the temperature difference, control it within plus-minus 5 degree centigrade.

Apollo soldering tips

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