First, let’s talk about Leisto history. Leisto was founded in 2007 focusing as a soldering tips manufacturing workshop. Throughout the years realizing the demand of industrial machineries to a varieties of electronic and packaging industries, distributors, retail or wholesalers of industrial merchandise, Leisto expands and opened up their international Sales Department making the company as the primary distributor of electronic equipment such as soldering materials, automatic tape dispenser, automatic screw feeder, automatic label dispenser, industrial hand tools and many other industrial tools needed in the manufacturing companies.

Leisto is located in the leading and well developed industrial city which is the Shenzhen, China. Because Leisto knows how important it is the industrial machineries, to people who produce electronic or industrial products, the company’s main vision is to provide only high quality devices. And with the demand of these machineries, they know how to handle shipments and knows how to make their prices competitive, so that industrial consumers can survive purchasing the high standard equipments which their company is offering.

The management of Leisto’s undeniable hard work through the test of time was realized due to the fact that they never forget the reason why they put up the manufacturing company 14 years ago. And now the company is still growing into a more responsible company that supports many electronic or packaging industry big or small, to have the advantage of becoming more productive because of the industrial hand tools they’re supplying.

Leisto is the leading distributor of soldering tips for soldering brands like  Apollo Seiko, Japan Unix, Tsutsumi, Meiko (lether-α), HAKKO, Weller, Ersa, Quick. The company also distributes soldering equipments like soldering station, soldering iron, desoldering station, rework station, solder pot and accessories for soldering tools.

Now that we know about Leisto brief background, we can now point out why the company deserves to become the leading manufacturing and distributor of industrial tools and devices. Being a well known supplier of various industrial hand equipments, Leisto is also providing tips and guidelines on how to use soldering gun and how to spot the right soldering equipment  for your soldering project.

The main concern you need to look into when looking for a soldering gun is the wattage. The most common wattage for the soldering iron is between 20 to 60 watts. However, the soldering iron with 50 watts is quite common these days because it provides sufficient heat need for soldering electronic components like circuit boards.

Soldering iron tips with higher wattage are better. But it does not mean that you’re using a soldering iron or soldering gun that has a higher wattage is much better to produce heat, it only means that higher wattage has more power available. Most soldering guns nowadays like that of Leisto’s products has heat control options which means the user already has the ability to set up the heat on the soldering iron tip.

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