This screw feeder is used for robot arm pick up

Product FeaturesAutomatic screw feeder

  1. Wide range of applicable screws
    Widely used in M1.0-M5.0 various types and length screws, such  as standard screws, 1:1 short screws, self-tapping screws, with  gasket screws, rivets, sheets and small nuts.
  2. Resistance to strong light interference
    The screw induction is not disturbed by strong light, and it  can still work normally under strong light, and the adaptation  environment is wider.
  3. Smooth operation
    The screw runs in the drum. Any screw that does not enter the  track in the normal direction will fall into the drum and enter the  next cycle, without jamming.
  4. Display counting function
    Accurate counting, cycling, with LCD panel.
  5. Feeding efficiency can be adjusted
    Automatic screw feeder sizeThe feeding and vibration are independently controlled, and the  ideal feeding speed and vibration size can be set freely; the four-  division disc pause time is independently controlled, and the  length of time can be set according to different screws and user  requirements, which is suitable for various operations.
  6. Fault alarm function
    When an abnormal situation occurs, such as a shortage of  material, the screw machine automatically activates the alarm  function.
  7. Low noise and small size
    compact design, convenient and practical.
  8. Turntable type material
    Rotary type discharge, the position of each discharge stop is the  same, which can better match the manipulator work.
  9. Overload protection
    Fully upgrade the control board, for the feeding motor and the  indexing stepper motor, when the card is in stock, the system  automatically controls the motor to reverse for a certain period  of time to avoid overloading the motor or circuit board.


Screw SizeM1.0 to M5.0
PowerInput: AC100V-240V (50/60HZ) / Output: DC15V 1.5A
Size (mm)215(L)×126(W)×148(H)
Circuit ProtectionStop or reverse when overloading
Weight3.5 KG
CapacityM1.4*3 screw about 4000 pcs
AccessoryManual、AC adapter
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