NSRI Automatic Screw Feeder

NSRI series automatic screw feeder is the new design, replaced the old type NSR series. It’s cheaper & have better performance than NSR series automatic screw feeder.

Features of NSRI Screw Feeder

  1. Designed for automatic screwing robot, no jamming
  2. Built-in signal cable, can be connected with automatic production line, robotic arm
  3. Rotatory screw feeding type, every screw is separated effectively and avoid screw overlapping
  4. Screw feeder rail is made with multiple metal material, the surface & spout is smooth
  5. Suitable for screw length less than 20mm
  6. Suitable for M1.0 ~ M3.0 screws

Types of Screw Feeder Rail

Model Screw Rail
NSR10  M1.0  SR10
NSR12  M1.2  SR12
NSR14  M1.4  SR14
NSR17  M1.7  SR17
NSR20  M2.0  SR20
NSR23  M2.3  SR23
NSR26  M2.6  SR26
NSR30  M3.0  SR30

Power: AC220V/50HZ, AC110V-60HZ

Suitable screw types: pan head screws, self-tapping screws
Weight: 3Kg
Dimension: 123W * 181D * 145H

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  • Douglas Blew

    Interested in a quote for the Quicher NSRI-3.0mm automatic screw feeder. Please quote in US$ for US delivery point and also RMB for China delivery point.

    • Robert Maric

      Hi my name is Robert Maric, I’m working for Moog Medical Devices in Salt Lake City. I would like to request a quote for Automatic Screw Feeder Model NSR10. Also I vould like to request drawings or solid model. Thanks

  • robert maric

    Also I would like to know the availability for that same screw feeder. we would need minimum 3 of those .

  • Amarnath Murugaiyan

    What is NSRI? I am looking this word a common one with all screw feeder manufacturers.

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