Square Titanium Solder Pot Specifications

MS-5555 55*55*45 266*145*120 0~600℃ 1.3KG 2.4KG 300W
MS-8080 80*80*45 280*145*120 0~600℃ 2.1KG 3.1KG 400W
MS-1070 100*70*45 327*175*120 0~600℃ 2.3KG 3.3KG 500W
MS-1010 100*100*45 327*175*120 0~600℃ 3.3KG 3.4KG 700W
MS-1510 150*100*45 400*205*120 0~600℃ 4.3KG 4.9KG 1000W
MS-2015 200*150*45 446*245*120 0~600℃ 5.5KG 9.8KG 1500W
MS-2516 250*160*45 536*295*120 0~600℃ 7.7KG 12.3KG 1800W
MS-2820 280*200*45 536*295*120 0~600℃ 7.8KG 18.3KG 2000W

Solder Pot Features

  • Pure Titanium solder pot, square shape
  • Energy saving, can save up to 30%power than normal solder pot
  • Chint® air switch, protect circuit burnt
  • The pot is made with military standard pure titanium board, can work under 600°C high temperature for long. It is the best choice for lead-free working
  • Superior infrared heater, heating up faster; energy saving
  • The thermal insulation material is aluminum silicate cotton, it has strong thermal insulation ability. Non-conducting and environmental friendly
  • Omron® PID intelligent temperature control, digital display preset & real temperature. High accuracy, fast temperature recovery.
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  • Tiago

    Hi, how are you?

    Nice to meet you I work Tiago in the Interbras Group team.
    Please, I am negotiating with a client and I need your help with some questions:
    How long does a resistance last? months? year? any recommendations for living longer?
    What is the price of a resistance?
    What is the value for the models:
    And you have a bigger model in size 40X35mm?

    Thank you in advance.

    • Leisto

      Yes, the solder pot size can be customized.

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