Adhesive Dispensing Robot Operating Features

  1. Dot, string, arc, circle dispensing and irregular curve continuous tweening input program and can dispensing adhesive in 3D area.
  2. Arbitrary point, string, arc and circle irregular curve continuously dispensing
  3. High speed low noise Japan made step motor
  4. Electrostatic elimination makes the static within ±100V
  5. Dispensing stress autocompensation
  6. XY area array, migration and rotation operation function, applicable to different positions.

Dispensing Robot Product Features

  • Handheld LCD operation, easy to learn and operate
  • Tutorial function, Supports area array, graphic browse, 3D ellipse, insert from commonly used graphics library, group edit and such advanced function
  • High capacity 2G high-speed MiniSD file memory, can save 999 dispensing files
  • Easy to set dispensing volume, gumming speed, dispensing time, and stop time
  • Use with specialized dispensing control unit, the glue gum and stop is stable and exact, no draining glue
  • Auto anti-solidify function
  • Adhesive preheat
  •  Omron temperature controller, accuracy ±°C


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