With the development of technology, more and more factories are using soldering robots in the production processes. Robotic soldering helps the factories save a lot of money and energy, compare to human soldering.

As the consumable items (for instance, the soldering tip) are expensive, many users are looking for the tips which are produced by third party in order to save cost.

Of course, the product quality is always the first element. Now let me show you why Leisto’s Apollo Seiko Robotic soldering tips are different – Even though my perspective is superficial.

1. Compare the appearance.

Apollo Seiko Soldering Tip

Left: Our competitors’ product – general chrome plating; Right: Leisto’s product – black chrome plating

Difference: The black chrome has stronger hardness, abrasive resistance and corrosion resistance than general chrome.

2. Assembly Technology

Apollo Seiko Solder Tip Apollo Seiko Solder Tip

The soldering tip of Apollo Seiko can be changed easily and quickly; in the same way, a qualified soldering tip should also accomplish the requirement.

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