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Leisto is dedicated to produce high quality replacement soldering tips for robots and irons, the tips can be replaced with original without calibration, and the cost is only 20~30% than Japan made tips. We accept custom made at normal price.

The iron tips are produced according to ISO standard and serious factory procedures.

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Soldering Tip Structure
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Cutaway View
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Soldering Tips

Most of replacement tips can be sourced here or made to order.

We also provide 2-3 quality levels to meet different requirements.

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Automatic Tape Dispenser

Dozens of models to fit different kinds of tapes, suitable for adhesive tape, non-adhesive tape, foil tape, protective film, hook tape, etc.

Tape width from 3mm~200mm.

Selection Suggestion: tape type, width, cut length.

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Automatic Screw Feeder

The screw feeders can replace manual screw pick up. It’s good for small screws from M1.0~M5.0, length <20mm.

We provide various options, please select the right one according to screw size and requirement.

Auto Feed Electric screwdriver

Screwdriver System

Self-feeding Electric Screwdriver

Screwdriver system is 2 in 1 screwdriver, combines screw feeder + screwdriver in one system. It increases screw fastening speed in 2-3 times than traditional type.

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Soldering Robot

Cost-effective soldering robot in 150W / 200W, easy to operate.

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Screw Fastening Robot

2 options for screw fastening robot: built with self-feeding screwdriver or traditional screw feeder + screwdriver

Soldering station
Soldering Station

Self-feeding soldering station, ceramic soldering station, high frequency soldering staiton.

Solder Pot
Solder Pot

There’re 4 types and almost 30 models to choose, accept custom made & OEM.

Smoke Absorber
Smoke Absorber

Offer small size smoke absorber and fume purifier.

Automatic Label Dispenser
Automatic Label Dispenser

Suitable for label size 5~200mm, support transparent, square, round and shaped labels.

Replacement Tips JBC C245 Are Available

Leisto launched replacement JBC C245 series tips in October, ex-stock for full series. We now have promotion price till the end of year 2015, please contact our sales representative for quotation or sample request. Advantages: Assembled with original tip, the quality is able to compare with JBC made tips High quality heating element, heating up […]

Leisto’s New Soldering Tip Factory Went Into Operation

There’re lots of real or self-assumed soldering tip manufacturers in China, but if you want to buy high quality tips then the options is limited. I think 80% people believe the iron tips they are using are from Japan, Germany or USA. However, this is not true. The world’s largest iron tips OEM manufacturer is […]

Why we use Black Chrome on Robotic Soldering Tips

Why we use Black Chrome on Robotic Soldering Tips

Leisto produces black chrome soldering tip for all kinds of soldering robots, as well as customization and OEM. In the market, there are soldering tips with black chrome plating and white chrome plating. The usage life of them is the different but when the tip is used on the soldering robot, the difference is obvious. […]

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