3 Seconds, Fast Heating

The new generation patent heating system improves 3 times of heat efficiency, temperature response speed increases 16 times, the heating performance increases 48 times than traditional soldering station. The time to heat up to 350°C takes only 3 seconds.


Technical Parameters


Model, T12-11

Power, 75W

Voltage, Input: 230V/50Hz; Output: 24V

Temperature Range, 100~400°C

Temperature Stability, ±2° (No load still air)

Soldering tip resistance to ground, <2Ω

Soldering tip potential to ground, <2mV

Weight, 2.65KG


Comply with CE standard, electromagnetism compatibility and ESD protection standard

Related connectors and iron holder should connect ground cable to enable ESD protection function.

Accurate temperature control

Unique intelligence temperature control system works with powerful heating system, the temperature management becomes more accurate; the temperature tolerance is within ±5°.

No need to calibrate temperature during operation.

T12-11 Soldering Station

Auto Sleep, Prolongs Soldering Iron Life

When the soldering iron puts back to the iron holder, the soldering tip temperature will automatically reduces to 150°C; when pick up the soldering iron temperature increases to preset value rapidly. The soldering iron life extends to 5 times as well as saving energy.

Triple ESD Protection

T12-11 soldering station uses aircraft grade components, it has much better ESD safe performance than normal soldering station.

Every kind of precision components can be soldered easily.

Various Soldering Tips



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  • David Georgievich Datiev

    Best station. Thanks from Rusdian Federation…

  • Jeferson Maximo Teixeira


    I am from Brazil an I bought this station model, T12-11 Toor. All my tips, 04, stopped work in lass than 04 months. I would like to Know about the life time of tips and resselers recommendeds.

    I think its not normal.

    • Leisto

      it depends on the usage frequency, the life time is 1 week to several months.

  • BNC50

    it depends on the usage frequency, the life time is 1 week to several months

    I am from ex Soviet Union
    I bought this station model and read this comment

    I think that lifetime is very small

    what can you say about compatibility with JBC C245 tips?

    thanks for the answer

    • Leisto

      the defult settings is not compatible with JBC C245 tips.

      • BNC50

        But 245 tips will be works with station?

        what settings need to be changed?

        • BNC50

          FINALLY, I use JBC cartridge C245-951 .

          in stock, this tip is underheated, & needed calibrated

          in service mode i set about 23 mV and callibrate for Pb37Sn63 and Pb-free Lead

          finally, all working perfectly, y greetings wery well.

          • Leisto

            you are genius!

          • PaulJPG

            Greetings from argentina. I tried today a relife C245 K tip , it can’t go higher than 350-360C . I increased calibration to 24-25millivolts. And same result. I measured the tip resistance and it’s 2.8 ohms. having 24volts on this unit it should give about 200watts of power. I tried the original tip from the unit and heat up properly. Do you have any ideas what could be happening? these relife tips are brand new.

  • Bobobokota

    Salut l’équipe

    Je viens d’acheté T12-11 il fonction bien 🤩 je voulais savoir dans le paramètre la valeur exacte sont combien

  • Eric

    I have had this station for nearly 1 year and find it to be totally useless. Two of my tips burnt out within 4 weeks of light use, the soldering iron just does not supply enough heat.
    I would have been better off buying the JABE (JBC clone) as its 120W as opposed to this weakling at 75W. So disappointed in this piece of garbage.
    Also there is supposed to be a wide choice of tips available according to your catalogue but I can find only 4 from sellers like Aliexpress online.
    Dont waste your money on this inferior junk!

    • Leisto

      You certainly bought a copy!

    • Jonas Pereira de Oliveira

      Olá. Gostaria de informações de compatibilidade com os punhos c245 e c210 e sua funcionalidade com as pontas JBC.
      Já possuo o equipamento e tenho muita dificuldade para encontrar peças de reposição.

  • eno81

    Very good station !!!

    • Eric

      Its a piece of junk!

  • eno81

    where to buy tips ?

  • Mario Arbelaez

    I have had a LESITO soldering iron for several years, it is an excellent machine for continuous work, now I have the following concern after modifying settings, how can I return to the factory settings?

  • Jaroslaw

    Hi. Using this station for 3 years. Very happy with it but yesterday was something wrong. Station don’t heat. Can you help me?

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