ZCUT-2, ZCUT-870 and RT3000 are all carousel tape dispensers, ZCUT-2 was released over 10 years and the other 2 were in recent years. As the appearance and functionsare very similar, the buyers are probably can’t differentiate.

Similar Features:

  • Same appearance, same basic function, same instruction method.
  • Load tape and push button to automatically feed and cut
  • Circling half-turn at each push
  • Tapes adhere on the turn table for easy pick
  • Spin knob to adjust tape interval as per tape width
  • Ideal for multi-operator use

Specifications Compare:

Model Accept Tape Width Cut Tape Length Tape Inner Diameter Max. Outter Diameter Weight Dimension
ZCUT-2 3~22 mm 11~58 mm 25 / 32 / 75 mm 130 mm 2.8 KG 310(W)*170(D)*165(H)mm
ZCUT-870 3~25 mm 8~70 mm Any core 300 mm 2.2 KG 250(W)*150(D)*120(H)mm
RT-3000 3~25 mm 15~70 mm Any core 300 mm 2.2 KG 250(W)*150(D)*120(H)mm

Features Compare:

ZCUT-870 has more features than ZCUT-2 and RT-3000. ZCUT-870 tape dispenser has 3 new cut modes:

  1. Movable Sensor can set the place where Turn Table stops.
  2. Automatic reaction when the tape is take off and automatically feed and cut
  3. Easier to replace cutter blades without adjustments

Price Difference

ZCUT-2 was released over 10 years and the price is the lowest among the 3 models. RT-3000 is 30%~50% more expensive than ZCUT-2 and ZCUT-870 is 70%~100% more than ZCUT-2.

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