Slide soldering unit

100W Slide Soldering Unit

100W soldering unit / soldering head for slide soldering. Compatible with Apollo Seiko soldering unit.

Soldering Unit Specification

  • Cartridge type soldering unit, can replace various types of soldering tips easily, can be used with nitrogen generator
  • Soldering tip positioning accurately, can be pointed to solder correctly
  • Solder Feed tube can be adjusted up and down, left and right
  • Soldering component can be adjusted in any angle, any position
  • Coordinate with robot arm, the soldering unit can rotate 360°C freely

Model: IS002

Applicable scope: slide soldering

Cylinder stroke: 10mm

Soldering tip power: 100W (can be upgraded to 120W)

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    please can i know price of this model: IS002 please contact me
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