Automatic Screw Feeder System

The hand-held automatic screw feeder system consists of automatic screw feeder + electric screwdriver to be a perfect machine that can feed and fasten screws at a time, increases work efficiency exponentially.Auto feed screwdriver

When one screw fastened, the next one is fed & waiting under the screwdriver bit; it can be operated as that continuously – especially suitable for same screw, multiple thread holes workpiece.

The screwdriver is normal one in the market, then install the screw fixture and divider according to different screws.

Our Screw Feeder Systems are customized for your fasteners and specific assembly application. We will require information on the type of screws that your application uses to properly set up the AFS-M74.

Technical Specification

Model AFS-M74
Screw tank capacity 500 cm³
Fastening speed 50~80 pcs/min
Screw feeding speed 0.8~1.25 s/pcs
Power 30W
Voltage 220V
Air Pressure 0.4~0.6 Mpa
Weight 25 KGS
Dimension 400*350*400 mm (L*W*H)
Noise <60db
Feed distance 1~4m

Applied Scope

  • Hole depth less than 40mm
  • M1~M4 screws, can be used for up to M8 screws (require custom made)

Automatic Screwdriver System 7

AFS-M74 Automatic Screwdriver

Automatic Screwdriver System 9

Automatic Screwdriver System 11

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  • Mitko Ivanovski

    For the application for the galvanized screw ( L=50 Dk=8 d=2.9 mm; not full threaded screw 44mm). It is for the kitchen cabinet industry for assembling pre-drilled MDF sides. I need an automatic screwdriver. A gravity balancer will be appreciated.
    A screwdriver should be capable to operate vertical and horizontal
    Torque has to be adjustable. Max 6Nm
    Distance from screw feeder in 3m.

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