Automatic handheld auto feed screwdriver system changes screw fastening habit, with the auto feed screwdriver, screw fastening is not a boring work any more; it makes fasten screw comfortable and easy.

AFS-700A electric screwdriver makes of high quality alloy material and accompanied with famous brand component, to ensure the machine runs stable without any problems.

Machine Parameters

Model AFS-700A
Voltage AC220V/50Hz
Air pressure 2~3kgf/cm²
Work speed about 50pcs/m (depending on screw length)
Power 30W
Noise <65db
Feed Distance 1~4 m
Tank capacity 5000 pcs of M2*6 screws
Dimension 370*250*190mm
Weight 9KG
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  • John Barrett

    AFS-10 : AFS-700A at 110 VAC
    Do you have a 110VAC unit?
    john b
    BECO Engineering USA

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