The ZCUT-200 tape dispenser is a heavy duty tape cutting machine and is ideal for cutting extra wide tapes, protective film. The motor is controlled by PLC servo to ensure accuracy of cut length.ZCUT-200 extra wide tape dispenser

Operation is same as the other automatic tape dispenser.

Functions of ZCUT-200 Automatic Tape Dispenser

  • LED digital display the cut length
  • Automatic cut and dispense in AUTO mode
  • Applicable for cutting various types of adhesive & non-adhesive tape
  • Optoelectronic switch detects the tape outlet
  • Stepper motor feeding, high cut accuracy
  • Max. tape width is up to 200mm
  • Memory function, the setting data will be restored after the tape dispenser restart
  • Fast cut speed, one machine can be used for 2 operators
  • Stainless steel shell
  • Supports 24 hours continuous working
  • Scope: glass fibre tape, acetate fiber tape, aluminum foil tape, cloth tape, double sided tape, paper tape, protective film, etc.

Parameters of ZCUT-200 Tape Dispenser


Parameter, Value

Input Voltage, AC100~240V 50/60Hz

Power, 70W

Cut Width, 20-200mm

Cut Length, 20-999mm

Tape Feed Speed, 44 pcs/minute (100mm length)

Max. Tape Out Diameter, 300mm

Dimension, 325 * 335 * 270mm (W * D * H)

Weight, 10 KG

Ambient Temperature, -5℃~40℃

Ambient Humidity, ﹤80%RH



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