RT-5000 automatic tape dispenser can set 3 different lengths and programmed to feed & cut repeatedly, fit for cutting adhesive and non-adhesive tape; Can install external tape holder for cutting 2 / 3 layers of tape, tape stripper holder for striping tape while feeding & cutting.RT-5000 Automatic Tape Dispenser

  • RT-5000 accepts almost any size roll of tape and many types of non-adhesive materials.
  • Dual sensors enable the machine to cut 2 rollers at the same time.
  • 3 different lengths can be set, save and programmed to feed & cut
  • Apply for adhesive tape and non-adhesive tape, kapton tpae, scotch tape, protect film, etc.
  • Memory function keeps the preset data after machine restart.
  • Install external tape holder to overlap 2 layers or 3 layers tapes to cut together
  • Install external tape stripper holder to feed, strip and cut tapes
  • 4-digit LED display for digital length adjustment



Accept Tape Width, Tape Cutting Length, Accept Tape Inner Diameter, Accept Tape Outer Diameter

5~50 mm, 5~999 mm, Any, 300 mm


Dimension: 115(W)*140(D)*215(H)mm / Power Consumption: 18W / Voltage: AC220V/50Hz or AC110V/60Hz / Net Weight: 2.8 KGS

RT5000 with external tape holder

Tape Dispenser with 2 layers holder

Tape Stripper Holder for RT-5000 tape dispenser
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