Model A2000 A2000S
Picture A2000 Automatic tape dispenser A2000S Cloth Tape Dispenser

This tape dispenser has more power than other models, it is designed for strong adhesive tape, such as fabric base tape, PET cloth tape, etc.

Applicable for adhesive and non-adhesive tape

A2000: fit for any tape core, outer diameter less than 300mm

A2000S: built-in tape holder for releasing strong adhesives


  • Supports any size roll of tape and many types of non-adhesive materials.
  • Apply for adhesive tape and non-adhesive tape, kapton tpae, scotch tape, protect film, etc.
  • Memory function keeps the preset data after machine restart.
  • Install external tape holder to overlap 2 layers or 3 layers tapes to cut together
  • Install external tape stripper holder to feed, strip and cut tapes
  • 3-digit LED display for digital length adjustment


Model A2000 / A2000S
Display 3-digit LED
Applicable tape width 5-55 mm
Applicable tape length 05~999 mm
Drive mode DC motor
Color White / Blue
Power 35W
Voltage AC110V/60Hz | AC220V/50Hz
Ambient Light Natural Light: less than 2000lux
Ambient Temperature 5~40℃
Ambient Humidity <80% RH
Dimension & Weight 137*218*150mm / 3KG
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