ZCUT-9-02 Automatic Tape Dispenser

The new version of ZCUT-9, easier to replace consumable items such as feeder roller, pressure roller, etc.

When the rollers are broken and need to be replaced, former version needs to demount the whole shell; the new version only needs to open the cover and change the broken parts. Much more convenient than former version.

It assembles with 2 sensors which make cutting 2 tape rolls available. It has safety guard system to prevent activation of the cutter when foreign objects are present (fingers, tools, etc.)


Fit for cutting adhesive tape and non-adhesive tape.ZCUT-9-02 Tape Dispenser

  • Fit any size of tapes without bobbins.core.
  • Cut length from 5 mm to 999 mm.
  • Safety guard to prevent accidental injury.
  • Memory function enables to save six different lengths, the operators can switch the preset length and begin to feed & cut automatically.
  • Enable to cut Protection Film, Copper Foil, Aluminum Foil, Insulation material and more.
  • Enable to hold the film or tape by using Flexible Tape Support.
  • Preset and Loop counter functions.
  • Dual sensor enables to cut 2 rolls at a time.
  • Build-in Tweezers, Oil, and Separator.



Model, ZCUT-9-02

Tape Width, 6~60 mm

Tape Cutting Length, 5~999 mm

Tape Core Diameter, Any size is OK

Max. O.D. Diameter, 300 mm

Dimension, 116(W)*140(D)*213(H)mm

Power Consumption, 40W

Voltage, AC220V/50Hz or AC110V/60Hz

Net Weight, 2.8 KGS


ZCUT-9-02 Tape Dispenser

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    Sir Iam student of MN Technical Institute in Bangalore karnataka Studying in mechanical engineering branch final year.we have a project of soft binding machine and I want your product ZCUT-9-02 as 1in number of products so please can you provide us

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