Screw Robot

The 3 axis desktop automatic screw fastening robot can increase work efficiency rapidly, it can be connected with SCARA to be working fully automatic.

We provide 2 options due to different application –

  1. belt driven with step motor
  2. ball screw driven with servo motor

Screw pick up method: magnetic and air suction

The product cost can be different according to customer budget, we can use lower cost brand of screwdriver & screw feeder.


  • Working area can be customized
  • Can choose Japan made or China made screwdriver & feeder
  • Easy to study and operate
  • Can install 2 screw feeders to use with different screws

Specifications of screw fastening robot:


Item, Basic, Premium

Desktop, standard 3 axis desktop, standard 3 axis desktop

Motor, Step motor, Servo motor

Driven, belt driven, Ball screw

Screwdriver, China brand, HIOS

Screw feeder, LEISTO brand, Quicher


List of screw robot models

Model 4410-TP1 3310-TP1 2210-TP1 1110-TP1
Power 100~240V AC
Screw pick up type magnetic type, air suction
Motor driven axis 3 axis
working area mm X 400 300 200 100
Y 400 300 200 100
Z 100 100 100 100
working speed mm/sec X 0.1~500 0.1~200 0.1~200 0.1~200
Y 0.1~800 0.1~800 0.1~200
Z 0.1~300 0.1~300 0.1~300
repeat positioning accuracy ±0.02 mm
programming file capacity max. 999 files, single file max. 60,000 points
Tooling file capacity max. 255 files
dimension mm 780*730*630 680*805*605 520*620*555 325*325*400

Dual table single screwdriver, worker can keep putting the components on the fixture, machine keep fastening screws.

Double screw feeder & screwdriver, can be used for a product which has different size of screws.

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