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Best Soldering Tip for Apollo Seiko
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Replacement Apollo Seiko Solder Tips We Supply.

Apollo seiko solder tip cartridge

Standard Iron Cartridge

Leisto produce and stock all the tip cartridges in DCS, DCN, TS and TM series, orders below 100 pcs are available from stock. Free trial available for new users.

Apollo seiko DCX solder tip

Quick Change Solder Tip

Probably the best DC-X iron tip supplier other than Apollo Seiko! Customizable, short lead time, reliable quality and low cost. Start NOW!

Custom made service for Apollo seiko solder tip

Custom Solution

We provide custom made consulation for free! Let's help you to custom made the tips and make the soldering tips best fit your working application.


The replacement robotic soldering tips for Apollo Seiko

DCS Apollo Seiko Iron Tips

DCS Type

Apollo Seiko Iron Tips

101mm length for DC48V

DCN series soldering tip cartridges

DCN Type

Iron Tip Cartridge with Nitrogen sleeve

101mm length for DC48V w/ N2 supply sleeve

Apollo Seiko Soldering Tip Cartridges

TS Type

Apollo Seiko Tip Cartridge

101mm length for AC100V

Apollo Seiko TM iron tip

TM Type

Apollo Seiko Tip Cartridge

145mm length for AC100V

Apollo Seiko heat storage soldering iron tip


Heat Storage Soldering Cartridge

DCS/TS/TM/DCM heat storage type

Apollo Seiko quick change type soldering tip

DCX Type

Quick Change Iron Tip

One Touch Quick Change "DC-X" Iron

About LEISTO Soldering Iron Tips

5 Reasons To Buy From Leisto

  • Japanese

    Electroplating Technology

    The soldering tips are plated at least 48 hours with undercurrent. Black chromium has better anti-corrosion and anti-oxidation ability. Proportional and compact plating layer make the life become longer.

  • Quick Change

    Cartridge Type Iron Tip

    Quick change the iron cartridge as usual! No need to wait for the tip to cool, no need to adjust the tip's position or height.

  • Temperature

    Heat Up Fast & Stable

    Reach 300℃ in 7 seconds only! The tip detects the temperature change and adjust quickly. Temp. difference is only ±10℃. Temperature recovery in 2 seconds! See Demo Video

  • Durable

    Long Life, Replacement Guarantee

    The quality has been tested and approved by dozens of companies in China, European and United States. Replacement guarantee for LEISTO made robotic soldering tips.

  • Fast Delivery

    Supply From Stock

    About 100 standard tip cartridges supply from stock! The fast delivery service can help you save cost in advance.

Our Amazing Benefits

The advantages you can't refuse.

Stable Quality

Usage Life: 85%

Tested by dozens of users around the world, the life reaches 70%~85% of Apollo Seiko tips; same performance in solderability, temperature or recovery.

Amazing Price

Cut 3/4 ~ 2/3 Cost

We sell at only 1/4 ~ 1/3 of Apollo Seiko original price (according to order quantity), both end users or distributors can get amazing benefits on it!

Fast Delivery

Buy From Stock

We produce and stock 90% of tip cartridges & 60% of quick change type soldering tip; for non-stock or custom made tips the lead time is only 2 weeks!

Leisto is your best choice to buy replacement soldering tip cartridges other than Apollo Seiko! CONTACT US NOW!

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