Leisto is one of the leading soldering tips manufacturer in China. We offer standard size tips and custom made tips for various soldering works. There’re 3 kinds of soldering tips we are supplying:

  1. Soldering Robot Tips for Apollo Seiko, Japan Unix, Quick, Tsutsumi, Meiko soldering robots or automated soldering machine
  2. Soldering Iron Tips for HAKKO, Weller, Quick, Ersa soldering irons and soldering stations.
  3. Custom made or OEM soldering tips for soldering station manufacturers, soldering tip end users.

Japan Unix Soldering Tip

Japan Unix soldering tip, Cross-bit, soldering iron tip for soldering robot. Special tip, custom-made, semi-custom-made, full custom made tips are made to order.

Leisto’s advantages of high level soldering tips

There are so many soldering tips manufacturers in China, which brings abundant choices for buyers. In addition to product quality, other key points such as safety during use, service life, after-sale service are also worth your notice.
However, different factory may use different manufacturing technique. Besides, the management to workers and manufacturing procedures will also affect product quality & service.
Abundant choices bring the buyers convenience along puzzle. It is more difficult to find the favorite supplier than before because we all know that unqualified supplier will increase not only time cost but also opportunity cost.

We do different than others.